For me, Christmas has always been a season of getting together with family and friends – over food of course, haha! Lately, I have been rediscovering what Christmas is all about; because growing up in a Christian home my whole life has made me used to certain routines, patterns. At times, I find myself going through the motions, not really reflecting on the ‘reason for the season’ and as I was cleaning the other day, God reminded me of these three things.

First is that, this is a season of celebration! God wants us to celebrate the birth of His Son, Jesus. We must be filled with praise, and rejoicing because Jesus’ birth meant that God is with us – Immanuel! Our redemption and salvation couldn’t have happened if He wasn’t born.

Secondly, by allowing His Son to be born, God presented us with a gift – Jesus! This means we must also present ourselves back to God as a gift.

Finally, we must be oh so mindful that we don’t get caught up in the excessive (emphasis here) materialism and that we should give of our time; spending quality moments with friends and family. As someone said, it is not what you bring, but who you bring with you to heaven.

So, celebrate joyously, offer yourselves back to God as gifts, and love deeply in all the relationships you’re invested in. Share of this precious hope because the world needs to hear!

– Manuela 🙂


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