His Steadfast Love

It isn’t until the Civil War comes to her doorstep that Amanda Bell must choose between love and family.

It’s the spring of 1861 on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Amanda never thought she would marry because of a promise she made to her dying mother, but her attraction to Captain Kent Littlefield is undeniable.When Texas secedes from the Union, her brother Daniel aligns with the Confederate States, while Kent remains with the Union troops.Her heart is torn between the two men she is closest to and the two sides of the conflict. Amanda prays to God for direction and support, but hears only silence. Where is God in the atrocities of war-and whose side is He on? Amanda senses her life is at a turning point. She must trust God to deliver her family through the chaos of war with her heart and her faith intact. – Summary provided by Thomas Nelson Publishers

Reading this novel again was certainly a treat! I really loved the cover design of the novel, and it was one of the main reasons why I was attracted to read this book in the first place.

In terms of the development of characters, Amanda Bell was the sole character who grew in the situations she faced throughout the novel. She is a caregiver to her three sisters and when she discovers love with another man, she struggles to remain faithful to the promise she made to her deceased mother and yet still experience the sweet love she has found. Although, the growth in Amanda is well shown, minor characters unfortunately do not experience that – like Captain Kent Littlefield who is shipped off to fight the war. I especially liked the fact that author Golden Keyes Parsons was not shy at all in exploring the issue of slavery. I was given a very accurate and informed view of the late 1800’s, the Civil War and the abolitionists.

In my honest opinion, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Even though in the beginning I was not very familiar with Civil War time period, this novel helped me learn and understand more about it. For those who are avid history buffs and want a book that is primarily focused on that very fact (history lol), go out and read this book! :).

I would like to thank Bethany House for providing me a free copy of His Steadfast Love by Golden Keyes Parsons. 

– Manuela


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