My Stubborn Heart

My Stubborn Heart. Adapted from Baker Publishing Group, 2012.

Wow! Let me say that after having read this novel twice, I still am left with such amazement on how well written this novel is.

Main characters Kate Donovan, and Matt Jarreau experience quite a roller coaster character development, not only individually but with their relationship. Kate’s headstrong, stubborn but yet compassionate and loving heart, compels her to try and befriend the handome and wounded soul, Matt Jarreau. This need to care for Matt pushes Kate to try and see what really happened in his life. A love blossoms between the two and Kate is forced to decide whether she will ignore God and stay with Matt in Texas or obey God and leave him. In the aspect of faith, Matt has decided to cut off ties with God after the tragic loss of his wife, Beth to brain cancer.

My honest reactions – well I have quite a few issues with this novel. The first deals with Kate’s need to befriend Matt. The reason why Kate is so stubborn to this is because she is really captivated to the quiet, intense, intimidating man who has built up an impenetrable wall that no one has been able to break. I believe the author is definitely accurate in the truth in which most women see wounded men and instinctively try to fix them. Although this is true, the author has encouraged this matter in the love story between Matt and Kate. The problem I find is that by potraying that women can essentially “fix” this men is a misguided view of God’s plan for relationships. Not all of these attempts by women result in the happily ever story experienced by Matt and Kate. However, I must admit that I too was taken by the powerful way in which Becky Wade wrote this story, at times my heart was racing, or being squeezed, I was ecstatic, sad, this story was definitely pulling on my heart strings! A recommendation for this first aspect is for the author to address this issue in a mini blurb at the end of the novel, or perhaps in an interview conducted by the publishing company (Bethany House).

Another issue deals with Matt’s restoration in his relationship with Jesus Christ, God. In my opinion, it almost seemed as though it was rushed, and his coming back to God was to somehow please Kate and continue in their sweet and passionate romance. Yes I understand that the author is only restricted to so many pages but if there was a bit of expansion in that aspect which I believe is the most important, it would’ve stopped this from being a bit unrealistic.

So the purpose of this review was not to tear it apart, because it was indeed a fantastic novel!! I earnestly enjoyed it the first time, and even more the second time around. These two issues were just the things that really bothered me and I believed they needed to be addressed.

I would like to express great thanks to  Bethany House Publishers for providing me with this free copy of My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade.

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