Are You a Parked Car?

Something that I’ve always mentioned to God is the importance of me glorying Him in everything that I do, in the little or big things. That was my number on priority, especially in my career. So in my first 2 years of school, I was always praying and crying out to God to speak to my heart on where He wants to take me. In this third year of high school, my cries became more desperate as I needed to make countless decisions on my future education, scholarships, etc.

I was just waiting. Like a parked car, I was completely still, not moving, not going anywhere. I did not fully understand this until I spoke to a very close friend of mine about my recent career choice. She told me that although, it is important to wait upon God; we must make sure that we’re not parked cars because God cannot do anything with us. He will never infringe upon our free will that He gave to us. That is why when we’re waiting upon God, we must take that leap of faith so that when we do put our cars in drive, God is able to steer our directions, to help us either avoid the plans of the enemy as well as opening doors of opportunity to lead us into something we would have never dreamed possible.

Take a moment now and truly think about this. Are You are a Parked Car?

God is absolutely loves that we’re waiting upon Him, and seeking His opinion and counsel in decisions but He also needs us to take a step of faith, and trust that even though we cannot see where our feet are landing, He is always with us. As a child of God, we are given His promises in the Word of God. This tells us that He will always make sure that our feet are planted upon a solid rock and foundation.

After taking this step of faith in my life, I told God that even if this is not where He wants me to go, I know that if He changes my plans, it’ll always be for something better. Am I saying that when He does this I will be all glad, and all smiles – not at the very beginning, because of course I am human too, I will be frustrated, angry, but once those emotions fade away, I know who my God is. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, all that I could ever think or dream of.  I am praying that God will use this to bless you,

I am just a messenger, giving forth His message.

– Manuela


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