Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good !

Hey everyone !

We have reached the end of another week, hope you all had a blessed day, this Friday. If you have visited my ‘About Me’ Page, I mention that I am currently living in Canada. We are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, and I encourage all of you whether or not you are celebrating it this weekend – just allow the Holy Spirit to make you even more grateful for the things we have.

After speaking to one of friends on a bus ride home telling her of my recent move to a new house – I explained to her that this was long coming. At one point, my brother, sister and I all had to share one room, as other family members were living with us at that time. It really dawned on me that sometimes God makes us go through tough situations to test our faith and character and in the end will reward us for our faithfulness. I know that God has been so Good to me – the list is so long that if I continue this blog post will be endless!

I am wishing you Canadians and others celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend – Happy Thanksgiving ! 😀 And for those who are not, I pray  that you have a fruitful weekend and that the praises of God will be continuously upon your lips – that the joy of the Lord will be your strength, and will be bubbling within you that others will see you and say, “I want what he/she has”:)

A great thanks to, I have just put in an order to receive a free copy of His Steadfast Love by Golden Keyes Parsons to review and because it is an international mail, it shall take a while for it to come.

Sorry for the long post, but one more thing! 😛 I just want to give a shout out for my faithful readers who follow and read this blog. May you all be mighty blessed!

Much love!

– Manuela


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