When God Smiles

Yesterday morning,  I had my personal devotion with God. Usually, I start off with prayer, then using my devotional book ; I read through my bible and the commentary. I meditate upon it asking God to help me apply it to my life – then end off with prayer. Well, it seemed that yesterday it ended pretty quickly – so I started to talk with God, just explaining what’s happening in my life etc. It ended up lasting for 15-20 min. and after my conversation with Him, I just felt so deeply within me that God was smiling at me.

What an amazing feeling it was, I honestly felt an uplifting in my spirit.  When God smiles, it’s for very different reasons, I truly believe that in my situation it was a smile & laughter, twinkling of the eyes, God was saying, oh Manuela. 😛  I also believe it’s because of the many, many, GOOD surprises He has in stored for us. Anyways, all this rambling is just to say that when God Smiles and you feel that warmth and genuine love, you will do whatever it takes to experience that again. Don’t forget Romans 8:38-39 ; nothing can ever separate us from the love of God. His love for us is that real! I challenge you to find ways God’s smile, and humor is shown around us – whether it is in the scriptures, creation, whatever it is, and share them right here! 🙂

Have a Blessed day!

Yours in Christ,

– Manuela

*Side Note: I am just beginning to read Sunrise on the Battery, by Beth Webb Hart! Stay tuned for my book review!


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